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We are Digital Force, and we provide professional digital marketing services. With rich experience and a host of satisfied customers, we are excited to make your business thrive.

Paid promotion on Facebook

Thanks to the Facebook advertising system, your messages can reach your exact target audience. We at Digital Force will build a campaign based on comprehensive research about your audience – demography, geography, interest areas, behavior and more. The campaign will reach your audience at precisely the right time and with the best suited message in order to successfully maximize the conversion rate.
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Promoting videos on YouTube

Promote videos so that they reach the right audience at the best price. We will design a quality YouTube campaign that accompanies a remarketing campaign or a targeted campaign to target audiences based on areas of interest.

Paid promotion on Instagram

Everyone is on Instagram these days, making it one of the most popular advertising platforms. The older age group uses Instagram in addition to Facebook, while a large share of the younger age group only uses Instagram and has never opened Facebook. With a precise and smart Instagram campaign we can market your product or service – using a video, story or simply a post, so you can enjoy the generated leads.

Content promoting on Taboola

The largest news and content websites have opened their doors to large and small advertisers alike. With a relatively small budget you can publish marketing content articles on the largest content websites. The importance of “the story about the product” as a marketing strategy has already been proven, as seen in its increasing use on these magical platforms.Our customers enjoy smart conversion campaigns on these platforms.

Paid promotion in Google ads

Maximize use of Google ads. We will research the product – competitors, seasonality, market fluctuations, and of course keyword research, and build the most focused campaign for your business, emphasizing leads and conversions.

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